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New MorsaWrap S1 Pallet Wrap Machine with Flower Trolley System

This morning we have installed our new MorsaWrap pallet wrapping machine with a Trolley System into a Nursery in the North West. This system allows wheeled trolleys to be locked into place whist being wrapped with a quick foot release pedal to allow quick loading and unloading of the trolleys. This device can be fitted…

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Date posted 01 Apr 2019

Paper Price Increases Again

Stability from August 2014 until just over 15 months ago then bang!…… In September 16, it was 5.5%, April 17, it was 10%, Then August 17 it was 7% and now we have been told another by the end of January which could be another 10%. This will affect most paper products including kraft paper,…

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Date posted 08 Jan 2018

Is Your Packaging Really Fit For Purpose?

Why is it that companies “claim” to be committed to reducing both packaging waste and weights and “claim” to be environmentally friendly yet use twice as much because the new packaging specification isn’t fit for purpose? I know that this is a bit of a controversial point but it’s one that I believe needs discussion…

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Date posted 11 Apr 2016

NANO TECHNOLOGY IN PACKAGING – How can NANO TECHNOLOGY benefit Transport & Logistics Companies?

LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST Strictly speaking, Nanotechnology is technology that is conducted at Nanoscale. That basically means technology in very small particles! It involves the ability to see and control what individual atoms and molecules do. Nanotechnology is all around us. It is used in polymer composites, for surface treatment of fabrics to resist staining…

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Date posted 05 Feb 2016

Is thinner pallet wrap film always cheaper?

Listen to our Podcast on this subject. Perhaps the question of thickness of pallet wrap film isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s mind but, to the under pressure manager responsible for warehouse productivity and profitability and the shipment of goods it should be. In fact, this is a challenging and important question often put to…

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Date posted 18 Jan 2016

How can I benchmark my suppliers of pallet wrap film?

Listen to our Podcast on this subject. Many companies find this question hard to answer. They struggle to come up with ways to make sure that they are getting the best solution for their pallet wrapping at the most competitive price when comparing different suppliers of pallet wrap films. Achieving the most cost effective solution for…

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Date posted 17 Dec 2015